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Finest IT consulting since 1986.

The name finest.solutions means the accurate work and excellent quality you can afford, and resolving insolvable problems and tasks.

Furthermore: increased efficiency by specific solutions to assure business continuity, significant cost savings, enhanced IT productivity.

With our comprehensive IT abilities and with more decades of experience in Hungary, Germany and Finland, we take on almost any Information Technology task for anybody.

What we do

Project success delivered - by experience.

  • Other IT service providers and consultants are recommending common solutions... We do it better.
  • Also IT professionals are requesting professional tips and advices from us.
  • Level 1 - 2 - 3 support & consulting.
  • With our comprehensive IT abilities and with more decades of experience, we take on almost any Information Technology task.
  • Assistance is available with remote support and with onsite support.

Our services


IT consulting on almost every computer related fields.

Data security

Data protection solutions (online data-security, backup), data recovery.


E-commerce establishment (webshop setup and management).


Website and hosting solutions. Online brand protection.


Server and security gateway/filter solutions.


Internet, cloud, local network, or single computer solutions.


Linux (network/security and server/workstation/desktop) services and solutions.


Developing for desktops (graphical user interface) on Windows platform. Task and process automation on Windows and Linux platform. Developing for network client/server architecture.


Preliminary consulting, initiation, migration, change management and product support, SaaS (software as a service), trendy cloud solution on request, from a selection of solutions or Google GSuite.


Server or workstation VM or virtual containers.


The portfolio reflects only the requirements of the partners, like the integration to the existing company image or the partner's monetary conditions, but the possibilities are more comprehensive.


Virtualization, security, networks, messaging/email systems/solutions, operating systems, development, web solutions, software systems, etc. Click for a small excerpt.

Virtualization: vmWare, VirtualBox, Docker, etc. Security survey, information risk analysis, defense development, firewalls, security gateway solutions. Antivirus solutions, backup solutions. Networks: Novell, Windows, Linux, many protocols, LAN/WAN. Enterprise email messaging solutions: Postfix, Mailtraq, CommuniGatePro, etc. Internet: servers (Apache, Tomcat, etc.), DHTML, CSS programming, Web services (development, management, design, hosting), e-commerce, webshop. Developing: Java (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, MVC, J2EE), Assembly, Basic, AutoIt, Bash, Awk, PHP, Python. Database handling: PostgreSQL, MySQL, dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, Btrieve/Magic. Operating systems: many Linux, all Windows, Novell NetWare, SCO/BSD-Unix, OS/2, BeOS, QNX, some type of DOS, web/SaaS operating systems (e.g. EyeOS, Ulteo). Hardware building, repairing, maintenance and managing. Smaller ERP systems, management software (accountancy-financial: invoice, store-recording, wage-system, etc.). Microsoft Office, Libre/OpenOffice, KOffice, etc. Systems-administrator experience, project management and operator-trainer experience.

Our Portfolio

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Some products

If downloading does not start, then contact us.



You can download here the quickest and most powerful email sender application! © (2005)

Free for personal use. For commercial use please register.



You can download here the quickest and easiest video file to DVD compatible video converter application! © (2007)

Free for personal use. For commercial use please register.



LockNoteFrontEnd is a helper app, that makes several issues from the LockNote super-secure, encrypted text self-container app, and stores the issues list.

Free for personal use. © (2006)



DLReboot is an automation app, that waits for one or more downloader apps (or something) to quit and then runs the needed shutdown, reboot, etc. feature which was set.

Freeware. © (2005)



EOLFix is a text file end-of-line fixing application.

Freeware. © (2005)



Here is a downloader that downloads all the given file types from a site!

Freeware. © (2004)



SayThis is a very small size (2.5k) simplicistic tool for creating message boxes containing custom text, running on any 32bit Windows (95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8) or compatible.

100% Assembly. Freeware. © (2003)



Here is the best local-proxy/webfilter, the Proxomitron, preconfigured with banner-blaster complements, Web Trojan Worm Protection and Web VisualBasic Worm Protection. Freeware. (2004)

Obsolete, use Firefox+uBlock+NoScript. If you are looking for the Protection against the ILoveYou virus and all future VBScript or other shell-script viruses (© 2000) it's also obsolete.

What our clients say

At last, we have a perfectly working IT system.

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CEO, Private Company Ltd.

There are no more IT problems.

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CEO, Private Company Ltd.

Increased efficiency by reason of much less problems and user friendly solutions.

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CEO, Company Inc.

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We don't get snail-mail, while that is the technology of the previous century, and the trend is go-green also and save the trees.


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